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Yala National Park

Spread over 126,786 hectares, Yala Safari Park, also known as Ruhunu Safari Park, is second only to Wilpattu Safari Park, the largest wildlife reservation in Sri Lanka. Situated in the south-eastern low-land dry zone of Sri Lanka, Yala Safari Park is a combination of dry-mixed evergreen forests, bushland, open greenery, water holes, briny water lagoons and seaside forest areas. Drypatus sepiaria (weera), Salvadora persica (malittan) and Manilkara hexandra (palu) overshadow the other vegetation of this incredible safari park.

Bundala National Park

Bundala national park is a shallow lagoon teems with colour as thousands of migratory birds seek shelter from the northern winters. Flocks of flamingos, plovers,ducks and other migrants share the wetlands with resident storks,herons.and egrets.The park also offers a chance to spot elephants , crocodile jackal and other wildlife.

Bird Trails

Take a quick wander around our hotel or along the beach with our resident naturalist and take in the myriad birds that call Yala, home.


Situated within the Yala Wild Life Sanctuary this monastery is one of the most complex as well as the most beautiful temples in Sri Lanka.It was once an ancient centre of Buddhism in Ruhuna. Situlpauva had served as a centre of Buddhist meditation and had accommodated thousands of monks.


Kataragama is a place frequented by adherents of all religions in Sri Lanka and this city now declared a sacred city.The annual procession held in the months of July-August is the main pageant and is as colourful as any other pageant in the country.It has, as the concluding event, the performance of fire walking by the devotees. Kavadi dancing is another attraction in the pageant. There are devotees who perform this dance to fulfil vows even on other occasions.


From dreamy rice fields to sprawling tea plantations, rural villages to nature preserves teeming with wildlife, the range of Sri Lanka’s geographical and cultural treasures is astounding—and there’s no better way to see it all than on two wheels. Find out how to navigate the roads, weather, and more with this comprehensive guide to cycling in Sri Lanka.

Udawalawa National Park

This park is specially habitat for wild elephants.The park is located one and half hours drive from the hotel.


Kirinda is a small but beautiful village on the southern coast of Sri Lanka . It has a beautiful beach and a Buddhist vihara built on huge round rock. The area is also close to the great and little basses reefs which provide some of the most spectacular scuba diving in the country.One of the most well known attractions in Kirinda is the statue of queen Viharamadevi. This is situated on the spot where she is said to have landed after being set adrift on the sea from Kelaniya. The rock temple mentioned above is largely believed to be the site of her landing.

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